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Atlanta Junior Knights Billet Program

Billet Program News

Billet Families Needed

08/01/2015, 1:45pm EDT
By Knights

The Atlanta Junior Knights are in need of a few more Billet Families to host some really great athletes this season.

I am asking all of our fans past and present in the Atlanta and surrounding counties to consider becoming a host family for these young athletes ages 16-20 years old. Some come as far as Denmark, Canada, Russia & all over the United States. For many hockey parents, when their son joins a junior team, it marks the first time... that he has left home. I want to assure them they will be in a positive warm family environment. We have a variation of host families that have opened their homes up and hosted these players.  Our program is successful due to our host families that take in these players. Please truly consider becoming a Host Family. If you or if you know of someone that would be perfect for this please contact me.

Visit for additional details.

Carrie Uzzell
Atlanta Junior Knights
Billet Coordinator

Host Families Wanted

04/29/2015, 8:30pm EDT
By Knights

The Atlanta Junior Knights are seeking host families for the season!

Hosting an athlete is an exciting and rewarding experience. When a family chooses to welcome a young athlete into their home, or more importantly, their family, the opportunity is there to establish a friendship and make a difference in the athlete’s life.  For many of the players, this will be their first time living away from home.  When opening your home to a young athlete, you both have the opportunity to learn about each other by sharing family traditions, developing a friendship, and exchanging hometown stories. As a host family, it is exciting to watch the athlete grow and develop over the course of the hockey season. Families that open their homes to our players are an integral part of the success of our program.

     Host families do receive monetary compensation of $350 each month for each billeted player, but the real reward is the lasting friendships that are formed between players, their parents and host families.  Many times the young aspiring athlete becomes a role model for the younger children in the household creating a great mentoring relationship.  Dinnertime is always a great time for everyone to connect and share their day. The young players look forward to that time as it reminds them of their own families.

     The billeting program begins August 1st and continues through the end of the season. In rare instances, players may request housing through May to finish the school year. The August 1st start date will allow for players attending high school or college to report with enough time for registration and the start of the fall semester. If a player arrives mid month the stipend will be prorated accordingly. We know that the success a player attains on the ice is due to the many things that he does to prepare himself off the ice. A living environment that feels like home contributes to the successful development of the elite athlete.

    Host Family Provides: A bedroom for a player or players, basic meals, general toiletries (shampoo, toothpaste) and laundry facilities. Host families are not responsible for supplying unlimited amounts of food or snacks, providing clothing or non-essential items (cologne, magazines, etc.). Transportation and school related expenses are the responsibility of the player and not the host family. All players must follow the rules of the house set by the host family. Host family assists Atlanta Knights organization with player compliance with team rules and regulations.

In addition to the $350.00 stipend for each player, the host families will receive season tickets to all home games. Please feel free to contact Carrie Uzzell at (636) 248-2248 or via e-mail at


Benefits of Becoming a Host Family

  • Role Model to the player or players
  • Building a relationship with a player and becoming family
  • Mentor to your children
  • $350.00 stipend for each player billeted
  • Season tickets to all Atlanta Jr. Knights home games
  • Growing the sport of hockey in the Atlanta area

Benefits to the Player

  • Help the players develop into mature, productive young men that can transition into college, prepared for the rigors of the academic and athletic life
  •  Build a relationship with a family that provides a safe and caring home
  • Build a relationship with the youth hockey program players by modeling hard work, good sportsmanship on and off the ice, and practicing like they play 


Click here to print or download the Atlanta Junior Knights Billet Program document.