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Meet Your Atlanta Knights Scholar-Athletes

Student Athlete of the Week

01/13/2016, 9:00pm EST
By Knights

Meet your Atlanta Knight’s Scholar Athlete of the week!

#6 Aaron Phillips


GPA: 3.8

WGPA: 4.2

SAT: 1930

ACT: 30

Best Subject:  Any of the Maths

Favorite Subject:  Science

Future Scholastic Goals:  Sports Business – Ohio St. 

Future Hockey  Goals:  NCAA D1 or D3

Recent Accomplishments: Playing for the Elite team this year

Clubs:  BETA, DECA

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite book:  Green Eggs and Ham

Cats or Dogs?:  Dogs

Chess or Checkers?:  Checkers

Favorite NHL player: Shea Webber

Favorite NHL Team:  Nashville predators

Were you a Boy Scout?: Yes

What current or Historical figure would you choose to be stranded with on a desert island?:  Bear Grylls